three Convenient and affordable training programs 


$30 per month

Online and mobile personal training 

This program is for the person who needs ultimate accountability and wants amazing results.

You'll receive fully customized workouts based on your ability level and goals. 

As well as weekly check-ins by your trainer to make sure you stay on task.  


$50 per month

"I'm amazed at my progress after just 30 days! Eric's unique workout methods keep me engaged because I'm not just focusing on arms or legs that day. Can't wait to see my progress after another 30 days! 

The FiitMe Fitness app has been the easiest to use fitness app I've tried in recent years. It interfaces nicely with other fitness devices and calorie tracking apps. The videos for each workout make following the directions effortless."  ​

Jason, Columbus 

This program was designed to show you what it takes to transform your body. To show you the workouts you need to be doing to start melting fat and losing weight. This is for the person who has been stuck at a weight and fitness level they are unhappy with and is ready for a new approach.

"Great personal trainer who is genuinely invested in the overall wellbeing of his clients. The workouts are fun, challenging, and effective. He is well aware of his clients' physical limits and capabilities and always stresses good form and safety. Joining FiitMe Fitness was definitely one of the best decisions of my life!"  

Gabrielle, Groveport

$15 per month

"I am a very busy Architect managing an office with a six year old and a dog to take care of so trying to reach a goal to get in great shape in one month and lose the 5-7 lbs I have been trying to lose for years seemed like an impossible goal. I heard about the FiitMe app and I thought I would give it a try because the training could happen on my busy schedule and it would be easy to use and track my results. The workouts were shown in videos to show the form and tips for each movement. The workouts had a motivating theme and because they were varied they were fun to do.

The FiitMe app synced up with the MyFitnessPal so I was able to track my meals and Eric could review the macros and provide feedback. This also helped me to stay motivated and get much better results when combining the varied high intensity workouts with the right diet. 

Because the workouts are high intensity, they didn't have to take a long time which was great because of how little time I have. Within the 30 days I saw amazing results including losing the 7lbs and 2% body fat. I also got more muscle definition and strengthened my core and lower back which had been giving me problems. 

Joe, San Diego

This program is designed for someone who is already physically active but is looking for guidance on how to get to the next level. 

Bi-monthly check-ins with your trainer and semi-customized workouts will help you do just that.